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Michael Chekhov International Academy


One-day workshop in Berlin

Inner and Outer Gestures for Characterisation
using the Michael Chekhov Technique with Joerg Andrees

3rd September 2017, 10.00 - 17.00,
at "EDEN", Breite Straße 43, Berlin

The workshop will give you a creative path to develop Inner and Outer Gestures for Characterisation for stage and film. This unique tool of the Michael Chekhov Acting Technique will open your artistic freedom for your work as actor and performer as well as Director.

For further information:
Application & Info: info@chekhovacademy.com
With the application you accept the conditions of participation (PDF Download)
Contact: info@chekhovacademy.com

Weekly Drop-In Classes

Thursdays, 7.45pm to 9.30pm at Mime Centrum, Mariannenplatz 2, Berlin
For further information contact info@chekhovacademy.com

Michael Chekhov Workshop London

Psychological Gesture
and Atmosphere

2017, September 6th and 7th
at ALRA - The Academy of Live and Recorded Arts, London

Joerg Andrees will explore Michael Chekhov’s approach to atmosphere and psychological gesture by introducing participants to the notion of movement and sensation and the fundamentals of approaching ease, form, beauty and entirety in their acting work.
For further information : www.alra.co.uk
Booking: Join now

Weekend programme Dublin

Chekhov techniques
by Master Tutor, Joerg Andrees

15-17th September, Dublin, Ireland

Over the weekend, Joerg Andrees will demonstrate and guide participants through key Chekhov techniques. He will be focusing on how the actor can benefit from using these techniques in auditions and the self-taping process.
For further information contact info@chekhovacademy.com

Chekhov-Workshop in Berlin

2017 November 10-12
with Joerg Andrees. Details are upcoming soon.
For further information contact Joerg Andrees info@chekhovacademy.com

If you would like Joerg Andrees to give a Master Class or a workshop in your country, or you would like to plan a special workshop for a group of colleagues or friends please email info@chekhovacademy.com with possible dates and an approximate number of participants that would be attending. We will then be in contact with you.